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Style Muse: Miss Fisher (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)

EN Summary: Today I want to share a character that has caused a great impact on me style-wise: the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher (a free spirit and private detective in the 20's) masterfully interpreted by actress Essie Davies. The style of this character has blown me away. Keep reading to see a compilation of Pinterest gathered photos of Mish Fisher's outfits. Enjoy! --- PT Sumário: Hoje quero partilhar uma personagem que me causou um grande impacto em termos de inspiração e estilo: A Honorável Miss Pryne Fisher (um espírito livre e detetive privada nos anos 20), magistralmente interpretada pela atriz Essie Davies. O estilo desta personagem absorveu-me completamente. Continuem a ler para uma seleção de fotos dos looks da Miss Fisher, retiradas do Pinterest. Espero que gostem!

Ongoing sewing project: the 70s inspired (faux) suede coat – Projeto em curso: Casaco de imitação de camurça estilo anos 70

Today I want to show you guys some progress photos of my current sewing project. The coat is almost done, I only have to sew the buttonholes, stitch in the buttons and apply the shoulder pads (they are just roughly pinned in place at this stage).
--- Viva pessoal, hoje queria mostrar-vos algumas fotos do projeto de costura que está em execução no momento. O casaco está quase pronto, falta fazer as casas, aplicar os botões e os chumaços (neste momento os chumaços estão mais ou menos no lugar presos com alfinetes).

The pattern is from Burda International magazine (April 1996, mod 912) and was originally a dress, but I decided to turn it into something that could double up as a spring coat too. I changed the front opening into a top down faux placket (it’s “faux” because there's actually a facing inside; the illusion of a placket is created by the fabric folding into a tuck and then top-stitched; the excess fabric introduced by the tuck was added to the pattern, of course). 
O mol…